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I have listened to different married people talk about their first meeting with their spouse and they have said it was love at first sight. Some people even said they knew immediately that they would marry that person. The men are the ones who said that most of the time, anyways.

I’ve had a few moments like that where I met someone and the sparks flew like lightening bolts but unfortunately I am not married to any of them today. However, I won’t necessarily call it Love but it was Connection or Chemistry. The connection started when we conversed, not just when we saw like Telemundo makes us believe.

You could connect with someone you meet for the first time but your conversations and getting to know each other over time is what would really determine your happiness. Chemistry, Connections are beautiful but it is not enough to base that decision of getting into Relationship/Marriage with them. It takes constant work and sharing the same values to keep your relationship going smooth.

There are many relationships today that the man is beating the woman steady and so also others, where the woman has pushed the man out of the house and they fell in love was at first sight. Their Chemistry was so strong that it causes explosions in laboratories.

Chemistry, Butterflies, Connection’s can’t sustain your Relationship/Marriage. Following Principles and constantly working on it does. So, please be guided.

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